​by Victoria Hargis

Tell our readers a little about yourself:

I was born and raised in Kemptown, Maryland, where I lived for 26 years until I went to school in Tennessee and then back to Maryland to finish up an AA in music education. I studied jazz performance for guitar in South Florida, gigged all around, and eventually, I moved to Charleston three years ago and absolutely love it! The people here are amazing, and I am constantly meeting like minds. 

At the age of 10, I was at a friend’s house who played the guitar. I picked it up and the rest was history. I was thirsty for more, learning everything I could; I guess you would call it an obsession. I’ve been playing now for 36 years, and, to this day, I still love everything about it. I love working on guitars, the look of the instrument, how it feels in my hands, and the different sounds and emotions you can pull from it as well as how the music expresses my feelings. 

My earliest music influences were Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Black Crowes and Jimi Hendrix. Although I have studied jazz and classical music, I’m a rock ’n’ roller at heart. 


I started working at a very early age with my dad on weekends raking rocks, preparing yards for hydroseeding and also working around the house. My first job outside of family was working with a farmer baling hay and straw in the summer and delivering it on the weekends. I’ve worked at gas stations, restaurants, UPS—you name it, I’ve probably done it! I’ve also owned and operated two successful businesses: lawn maintenance and a construction company. I did all of this because I didn’t know I could actually support myself doing what I love: music.    

I currently teach guitar, bass, vocals, ukulele and drums at Black Tie Music Academy, on Daniel Island, and I come alive performing around town playing my guitar and singing. Some of the places I have played at, but not limited to, are Awendaw Green, Ristorante LIDI, 3 Matadors Tequileria, Grand Bohemian Hotel, as well as regularly performing for charity events at bliss Spiritual Co-op helping to raise money for local needs. 

My mission is to perform full time and travel around the world sharing my gifts with anyone I can. I am the happiest when I am performing before a crowd realizing what effect I can have on people. 

Other interests/passions:

I like to work with wood, creating small projects. Some of my favorites include a jewelry music box, and a pendulum clock that my dad still has. I am currently working on an adjustable timer that doesn’t need electricity. 

I’ve recently started to work with my friend and mentor John Farrelly, a local songwriter, writing and performing original songs. We also co-facilitate an All Instrument Jam at bliss Spiritual Co-op every Wednesday from 6-7 p.m. 

​One of the things that interests me is learning to work in conjunction with the universe. I didn’t even know such a thing existed until I took my first course, The Winner’s Image, by Bob Proctor. This helped to open my eyes to start doing things differently. It whet my appetite to see what I could accomplish if I just get out of my own way. 

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Victoria Hargis is an author; speaker; and post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and grief coach. Connect with her at SoileirCoaching.com.​​