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Dogs Mirror Their Owners

By Heather Szazz

 It has long been said that owners mirror their dogs by looking like them—like the standard poodle with the curly-haired owner or the Irish setter with the red-haired owner. Now, research shows that the energy of an owner is mirrored by their dog. They are not talking necessarily about high energy or couch potato energy. On a deeper level, dogs are mirroring the issues that their owners carry around in their everyday life—the excess baggage of life that people are unaware of because they have lived with it so long. Dog trainer Kevin Behan, author of Your Dog is Your Mirror, believes, “Dogs come into our lives to heal us of what we are not willing to heal ourselves of.”

 Dogs are always seeking grounded and balanced energy. They have the biggest heart per body mass of any animal, which means they are more able to connect to the energy vibrations around them. When dogs live with humans, their energy is affected by our emotions. The more we work toward balancing our emotions, the less we will see a dog’s behavior needing to be managed.

 Here are some examples. One man took his puppy to the office with him where there were many people. After a year, he was surprised to see how wary of people she was. Then he realized that he had been teaching her to be wary of people because he had trust issues himself. 

 Another lady rescued a dog from the local shelter and did not know that it had separation anxiety. The dog was creating a problem until she worked with a trainer who asked her, “Do you have separation anxiety?”

 “Of course, I do,” said the lady, “And my 7-year-old son does, also.”

When owners balance their energy, the bond between their dog and themselves is strengthened. The owner becomes more successful in life, health, wealth, relationships and happiness.  

 There are many energy modalities that owners can use with themselves and their dogs. Reiki, cranial sacral work, acupuncture and The Balance Procedure. This procedure is so simple that anyone can use it and balance their energy every day, making a difference in the owners’ lives and the lives of their dogs. 

Heather Szasz is the owner of HappyOwnerHappy Dog. She is an in home dog trainer, working with your dog where the issues occur, in the home. Her dog training is a combination of positive reinforcement training, balanced energy, mental stimulation training and diet and how it affects behaviors. 

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