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Mid-Week Yoga Retreats at Western NC Inn

Mid-Week Yoga Retreats at NC Inn

Moon School Yoga at the Dillsboro Inn, Dillsboro, NC, is offering mid-week yoga retreats in August and September.

With a selection of yoga classes and meditations starting on Tuesday evening and running through Thursday, guests can transform their stay at the Dillsboro Inn, which is located on the Tuckasegee River approximately three hours from Atlanta, from a nature outing to an experience of deep ecology, emotional cleansing and karmic release.

In what TJ Walker, founder of Moon School Yoga and owner of Dillsboro Inn, calls Conservation Yoga, retreat attendees can develop a sacred connection with Mother Earth by combining the practice of Raja Yoga with a variety of ecotourism experiences that are available nearby. The Tuckaegee is a whitewater river, hiking opportunities are plentiful and the Great Smokey Mountains are a short drive to the north. Also, Judaculla Rock, a piece of soapstone carved with petroglyphs of Cherokee origin, is a 25-minute drive away. “From a traditional perspective, contemporary Cherokees continue to regard the boulder as spiritually significant,” states the Wikipedia entry on the rock.

Walker, who holds a variety of yoga certifications, describes his Raja yoga classes as “involving gravitational pulling postures, a meditation utilizing gravity and the breath while sinking into the mat and activating neural pathways and connective tissue throughout the body.”

Retreat options are available with a minimum two-night stay. Room rates start at $150/night. For more information, call 828-507-3113.

Moon School Yoga and the Dillsboro Inn, 146 N. River Rd., Dillsboro, NC.

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