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Natural Awakenings Charleston SC

Emotional Freedom Workshop starts Saturday, December 7 at bliss Spiritual Co-op.

Dec 04, 2019 04:41PM ● By Toni Conover

Help for the Ultra-Sensitive

 Lorraine Pursell., MA, will conduct the second of six Emotional Freedom workshops in the Workshop Series from 2 to 5 p.m., December7 at bliss Spiritual Co-op. Lunch will be provided by Tish Voit. Participants will discover unique ways to replenish and rejuvenate in a frantic world, especially during the holidays when most are focused outward. They will learn to see their direction from an inner being's perspective and have the courage to follow through.

 Pursell says, “As empowering empaths, earth angels and ultra-sensitives, we need stillness. We need alone time. We need spaces to connect with our Inner Being for direction. We’re not like the rest of 98 percent of the world, so we need special care and feeding.”

 Pursell dives into ways to care for our bodies through food choices, stillness practices and powerful tools to release resentment. This will contribute to more confidence, ease of moving in the world and less concern about others' opinions.

 Cost is $40. Location: 1163 Pleasant Oaks Dr., Mount Pleasant. For more information, call 808-936-4370 or visit and

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