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Hypochlorous Acid Water, an Alternative to Chemical Cleaners and Hand Sanitizers

Apr 11, 2020 04:13PM ● By Toni Conover

by Margaret Blalock

Corona virus fears led people to storm the aisles of stores in March for toilet paper, hand sanitizers, and disinfectant sprays resulting in shortages of these and other products. Kangen Water users were not among those panicked shoppers searching for hand sanitizers. Not only do Kangen water users get immune boosting antioxidant-rich, alkaline drinking water, they are also able to create sanitizing hypochlorous acid with the push of a button. Kangen water detoxifies their bodies and homes, eliminating the need for chemically laden products packaged in plastic promoting health of people and the planet. This results  long term savings, since the waters replace the need to purchase chemical cleaners and many personal care products.

For more information contact Your Water Girl, Margaret Blalock at 843-647-8885. Visit and

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