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The Problem with COVID

Apr 21, 2020 04:50PM ● By Michael Bauerschmidt, MD

The problem with COVID is not COVID. For that matter the problem is not any virus, bacteria, parasite or mold. Follow along for a minute. If I packed a random assortment of a few hundred people in a movie theater, put H1N1 into the A/C system and let it run for the length of a feature movie, what do you think would happen?  A few people would die, many would be ill but not to the same degree and some would walk away unscathed by the experience save for the extra calories from the popcorn and soda. WHY? Because it is NOT the bug, it is the environment the bug finds itself in that lets it grow. If it lands in a body with a vigorous immune system, it doesn’t stand a chance. Give it a foothold however and it rollover you like a Category 5 storm surge. 

 A competent immune system will recognize an invader, isolate the invader then destroy the invader. The problem is our immune systems are not as competent as they should be because we have over-worked and under-loved them. We flood our bodies with oxidative stess from our poor food choices, our inability to handle stress, our constant bombardment from environmental toxicants and our general inability to get enough rest and exercise.  It doesn’t surprise me even a little bit that every new virus that comes down the pike strikes fear, terror and creates general havoc in our world. 

 Again, the problem is not the infectious capacity of the bug. It is our inability to mount an adequate immunologic defense to protects us from the bug. Let me be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR, an immunologic defense does not = a vaccine. In fact, trying to stimulate an over-worked and under-loved immune system with a vaccine is tantamount to beating a dead horse! So, how do we protect ourselves in these scary times? 

In the short run we use some commons sense and avoid crowds, practice handwashing, blah, blah, blah AND we support our immune system with Vitamin D 10,00 iu or 500 mg/day, Vitamin A 15,000 iu a day and Vitamin C 6-10 grams a day. I also recommend using Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) as a nebulizer twice a day and after any possible exposure (like a trip to the grocery store). H2O2 is the same chemical our bodies use to destroy invaders and our own damaged cells. I use a 3% food grade peroxide diluted 1:1 to 3:1 with distilled water as tolerated. As another option, you could use a high quality colloidal silver.

If you become acutely ill I use a combination of IV Vit C and Ultraviolet blood therapy with Ozone for my patients, Ozone has been successfully used extensively in Europe, IV Vitamin C is now used even in the USA at several university hospitals for their ICU patients and is keeping them off ventilators.

 In the long run we need to cleanse our bodies of toxicants, feed it nutrient dense, organic foods, teach ourselves how to deal with stress more effectively, starting with BKTY (Being Kind To Yourself) and exposing ourselves to only clean air, food and water.

Dr. Michael Bauerschmidt is considered one of the top Functional and Environmental Physicians in the country. Because of his unique expertise, patients travel from all over to consult with him on chronic health issues and environmental concerns. Visit for more information. 


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