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Early Pandemic Observations

May 01, 2020 11:54AM ● By Toni Conover

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. Never has that cliché been more accurate than it is right now. As I am writing this, the world as we know it seems to be changing minute by minute. Things we took for granted a little over a week ago, like being able to buy toilet paper or hand sanitizer, going to a movie or restaurant or just hanging out with friends and loved ones are now unavailable to us.  The lack of these conveniences pales in comparison to those suffering with illness, the loss of a loved one and those who have lost jobs or their business. The world of one week ago is very different than the one we inhabit now.

I wish I had something profound and healing to say here to quell your worries. Yet, all I can do is offer this wonderful magazine and hope that it provides some insight and perhaps a bit of distraction during this difficult time. At Natural Awakenings, we have always focused on natural, healthy living for the benefit of people and the planet. We believe our message is needed now more than ever.  We have a page on our website dedicated to resources and information to help you through this pandemic. It includes information on boosting your immunity, informative articles, recipes and links to all the most respected resources. Look for Coronavirus Resources on our homepage at

While I do not want to minimize the suffering going on, if there is a silver lining to all this, I would say it has made it abundantly clear that we are all interconnected, that we are all literally one. Ironically, this awareness of our connectedness comes at a time when we are being asked to physically separate ourselves from others. We have become acutely aware of how a simple habit like handwashing or a routine errand to the grocery store can greatly influence the wellbeing of people both near and far.

Perhaps this social distancing will provide time for introspection and soul searching, and we will come out of this with more clarity and gratitude. Perhaps this solitude will allow more time for creative pursuits and there will be more beauty in the world. Perhaps it will lead to more kindness and less division. There are already signs of this. I have been moved by the stories of neighbors helping neighbors regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, religious or political affiliation. It seems that difficult times bring out the best in us. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that without a natural disaster or pandemic? Maybe this awareness of our reliance on one another will change that.

As foot traffic has slowed up at many of the businesses who typically distribute our publication, our distribution efforts are shifting, at least for the time being. You can always find us at all area Harris Teeter and Food Lion grocery stores. We will be increasing our social media posts with helpful tips on how to stay healthy and calm in this time of high anxiety. We will also be reaching out to restaurants to offer free advertising if they include our magazine with their take-out orders. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if interested.

Stay well, remain connected in the ways that technology offers, find the blessings and gratitude for as many moments as you can and continue supporting small businesses and those less fortunate in whatever way you’re able. Most of all, hold to the hope and understanding that this, too, shall pass.  

Much love to you and yours,


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