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Readings with World-Renowed Astrologer Rosine Bramley next week!

Jun 12, 2020 03:39PM ● By Toni Conover

Rosine Bramley started practicing in 1974, and has been working as an astrologist, tarot reader, aura reader, numerologist and clairvoyant since then. She advises on self- development, career counseling, relationship management, health, parenting, and children’s education. Love is her big thing. She LOVES helping people in their love relationships!

She is well known in France as an astrologer and has developed an impressive network of people from different countries who rely on her intuition and knowledge of human personality traits for personal advice on careers, relationships, and health. Most of her clients seek her counsel on a regular basis and some have sought her advice for over 30 years. After developing a large network all over France and in England, North and South America, Geneva, Brussels, Italy, Morocco, and even Japan, she moved her base in Paris to Florida in 2010. Her clients include bankers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, artists, actors, writers, journalists, and working men and women. 

In an article in Vanity Fair, Paris, “Ces astrologues qui dominent le monde”, written by Bethsabee Krishovey, she was featured as one of the top astrologists in the world.

Bramley will be conducting readings in Mt. Pleasant from June 15-19. Text 843-532-6328 to schedule and get location information.

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