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Valentines 2021 Horoscope

Valentine’s Horoscope 2021

by Rosine Bramly


Communication is important for Aries. You expect a beautiful card, with words you can read and reread to make you feel cherished. You have a tendency to spend too much money on expensive champagne or chocolates. If you are a man, you may want to invest in a symbolic and costly jewel to prove your love. It is a time to clear all resentments and create a special day to start over. Express your desires, you want the day to be a firework of sensations.


Uranus, Mars and Lilith in Taurus make it all about sensuality. Go to a spa for a couples massage. Reconnect skin to skin. Give each other nice scents with floral fragrances for women and woodsy smells for men. Get some massage oils or creams. Share the love through fine food, wines and  chocolates. Indulge. Uranus will help get out of your comfort zone and enhance your creativity. Lilith in Taurus will help you express your most secret thoughts and emotions.


The planets in Aquarius bring a soothing atmosphere to your relationship. Take your sweetie somewhere special. A nice hotel with a beautiful view would be a good option. Impress your partner with your creativity. As Mars will be in Taurus, don’t forget the sensual part.  You can use your imagination in bed too!


You need to reconnect with your love. The planets were particularly tough for Cancers this year with all the planets in Capricorn. It is time to relax and have fun. It is time for a change of scenery and routine. Get out of the house! Rent some place for the weekend or take a basket with champagne and favorite foods to the beach or a waterfall.  Find a refined restaurant you both have wanted to try. Get a babysitter!


This year is big for Leos! This Valentine’s Day has to be extra-special. All the planets in Aquarius are gathered in the couple zone. Your relationship is strong. You know you make a great team. Valentine’s is the opportunity to reward yourselves with candles, flowers and a great dinner with some of the foods you don’t typically allow yourself. For one evening you can indulge. Your partner should know a great Valentine card makes you feel valued. Words of love are important for Leos.


Don’t let regular routines and tasks make you forget this special day and weekend. The planets in Aquarius mean a lot of work for you this month. Get organized to have some time to relax with your love. Try to not take work home, don’t open your work email. You have the right to delicious moments of intimacy.  It is more about quality instead of the quantity.  Singles may want to organize a Valentine event for friends. You deserve to have fun too!


The best Valentine! The planets in Aquarius are in your love zone. Expect your love to surprise you with enthusiasm and romance. This weekend will be a memorable celebration. You share all feelings and emotions without restriction. Mars is in the zone of sexuality with Uranus, so you may want to get out of your usual routine. No judgement, and a great sense of humor are required. Feel free to express your secret desires. You are in perfect harmony.


Mars, Uranus and Lilith are in the zone of the couple. That can be explosive for the best or the worst. Do not evoke the worries and problems. Make this weekend about you two only. The bed is a great place to share sensations or a massage, and God know how important it is for Scorpios. Forget about the rest, focus on the good.  Let your bodies, not your minds lead the dance.


After 2020, you feel antsy, wanting to go somewhere, any place you’ve never been. Send clear clues to your partner at least a week before. You are sensitive to words of love and you express your feelings without reserve. You expect your love to do the same. Uranus and Mars are in the work zone. Get organized to make this weekend free of any annoying tasks. You want free time and fun. Wearing clothes that are sexy but not warm enough can ruin your weekend.


Mars, Uranus and Lilith are in your love zone, making for a promising Valentines weekend!  After a heavy 2020 you want some sensuality and fun. You are ready to let your partner lead the dance for once. Yes, you have controlling tendencies. Let go of reason, go crazy, it’s ok sometimes. Drink and eat what you want, make yourself sexy, leave the work and yoga clothes in the closet. If you are single, it can be a good period to meet someone, so don’t stay home. Spend money on something expensive for your love. Indulge!


Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and the Sun in Aquarius, it’s big! This Valentine’s will be special. You will be so connected to one another, great harmony and depth of feelings. You want to be alone, just the two of you, enjoying every second together. Relax and be happy, feeling special in the eyes of your love. You want to melt and fuse into one another. Music is important to create the atmosphere you love. If you are not married yet, this can be the moment to decide.


Moon and Neptune are in Pisces. That makes you particularly sensitive and receptive to emotions and feelings. Your intuition is magnified and you can guess everything that is untold or unexpressed. You know exactly what your love needs. Don’t let anybody interfere. Forget about your friend who has problems with her husband. This is your precious time, no need to be the kindest all the time. Be selfish this weekend. It is recommended for your energy and your own happiness. Enjoy the serenity of just the two of you together.


Rosine Bramly is well known in France as an astrologer and has developed an impressive network of people from different countries who rely on her intuition and knowledge for advice on careers, relationships, and health. In an article in Vanity Fair, Paris she was featured as one of the top astrologers in the world. Bramly will be conducting readings in Mt. Pleasant from February 22nd to 26th . Text 843-532-6328 to schedule and get location information.

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