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Learn Local Plant Medicine at Yahola Herbal School

Mar 24, 2021 01:23PM ● By Toni Conover

Yahola Herbal School has launched their new flagship course Botanical Medicine Movement.  Botanical Medicine Movement is a 6-month program that is both online and in-person.  The course contains the word movement because the school wants to create a paradigm shift where using native and naturalized herbs for health is the norm.  The course focuses on local native and naturalized herbs and how to incorporate these herbs into daily life to improve health and vitality.  The course covers botany and follows the evolutionary history of plants, starting with medicinal ferns and ending with the most evolved medicinal plant family, the asters.  Also, the different body systems and supportive herbs for each system are covered: urinary, digestive, circulatory, reproductive, and the nervous system. The course teaches students how to make herbal medicine including herbal infusions and decoctions, herbal vinegars, tinctures, flower essences, salves, facial serums, and body oils.  New content is delivered monthly online and reviewed in-person the last Saturday of every month.  April Punsalan, found of Yahola Herbal School, works directly with each student to make sure they know their local medicinal flora.  Yahola Herbal School is accepting 20 students into the July 2021-December 2021 program.  The flagship program will run twice per year.  For more information, visit or contact the school at [email protected]

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