Super Soulful Questions with the Ultra Spiritual JP Sears      

by Toni Owen Conover, Publisher, with Ana Haugsoen

Preparing to interview JP Sears was unlike preparing for any other interview. Would we get comic JP in purple shirt, headband and flower, or would we get the JP fewer are familiar with—emotional health coach JP? We got both—and then some. The interview was even more fun AND thought provoking than expected.

We had turned to our readers on Facebook for questions they would like to ask JP, and to Oprah for the questions she asks at the end of every Super Soul Sunday episode. We told JP it would give him the opportunity to practice for his turn on her show.  

JP is known for YouTube videos like Yoga Photos for Instagram, How to Be Ultra Spiritual, How to be Gluten Intolerant, and many more that poke fun at topics we frequently cover in this magazine. He has garnered more than 1 million followers on social media and has appeared with Tony Robbins and other celebrities in the world of self-improvement and spirituality. JP has also called Charleston home for more than three years. He recently published his first book, How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12 ½ Steps to Spiritual Superiority.

From reader Alison Lauren: If you could ask God only one question what would it be?        

JP shouts: What do you want from me!?! [We snicker a bit but realize he is being serious and that it is the perfect question to ask God.] I am being serious. What purpose would you like to have live through me in this life? How can I best be of service to you and humanity?

From reader Lori Peddle: If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

You don’t have to have it all figured out. You don’t have it all figured out—despite what you think, and it’s ok. It’s ok not to have it all figured out.

From reader Lori Gunn: How can someone make sure they don’t have a silly animal guide?

Disregard any genuine information you are given and pick an animal that would gratify your ego the most.

Ana Haugsoen: What is your spirit animal?                                                                            

The dolphin, with majestic blue eyes.

You have met some big names in the world of spirituality and self-improvement—Tony Robbins, Teal Swan. Have you ever been star struck? Who inspires you?                              

The only one that made me feel a little star struck was Tony Robbins. It was a thrill to meet him, to have him invite me. I haven’t been star struck by anyone else, really, although I have met awesome people doing amazing work. I haven’t been star struck because I value myself and respect my own work.

Who inspires me? Tony Robbins is a huge inspiration. Anyone unapologetically voicing their unique true self is an inspiration.

What is the difference between spirituality and religion?                                                     

From my delusional perspective, spirituality is the direct connection to whatever is greater than you, whether you call it God, the universe, nature, source. Religion is the middle man between God and you.

What is the soul?                                                                          

Who we really are.

What happens when we die?                  

I definitely don’t know, but if I was pretending to know I would say it is probably exactly what happens when we are born. When we are dying, maybe we come out the other side. Maybe it’s like the birth canal. The fetus probably feels it is going to a certain death and comes out into this world. Maybe we will come through to a life bigger than what we have now.

What does the world need more of?                

Self-acceptance and creativity.

Agreed. I think the need for more self-acceptance is self-explanatory, but could you talk a little more about the need for creativity?                                                                    
Creativity fills us up on the inside. It does it in a way that can’t be done from the outside. What we acquire, what we drive, what’s in our bank accounts, none of that fulfills us for long. Creativity is a dimension that fills us up from within as we tap into something greater than ourselves. Creativity is the umbilical cord connecting us to our greater selves. Creativity unkinks the umbilical cord to our Source.

People go nuts when disconnected from Source and enveloped in separation. When we feel connected our lives have more meaning—more play than seriousness, more peace than conflict.

What do you know for sure?            
Good question, but it’s a trap. I know for sure that I don’t know anything for sure. Although I don’t really know that I don’t know anything for sure.

Ana: This is a question from my daughter: How do you like your eggs?      
I like my eggs to come from chickens, certified humane of course. Then I pretend they are apples, an egg-based substitute for apples. I pretend they are vegan.

Anything else you would like to leave Natural Awakenings readers with?   
 I invite you to consider this consideration: Can you have the courage to aim for realizing who you are—not who you think you are, not who you want to be, but who you really are?

Amen brother.