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Natural Awakenings Charleston SC

Laurie Levin Coach and Author

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Founded 2001

Laurie refers to herself as a Transformation Coach as she helps others transform and master their own wellbeing. She specializes in healthy nutrition, healthy weight loss, and the leading HeartMath® stress reduction techniques. She has been a featured speaker on each of these topics at corporations, health events, schools and universities, hospitals, and cancer support organizations. She has an MBA, is a Certified Coach and HeartMath® Certified Coach, supporting clients globally to achieve their health and well-being goals. Laurie is soon to publish her first book, Call Me A Woman: On Our Way To Equality and Peace. She has long been a champion for equal rights and is excited to include the work of equality and peace within her professional work. Only with full opportunities available, equal pay, and safety, can each of us create optimal health and happiness.