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Natural Awakenings Charleston SC

White Flag Yoga

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1256 Ben Sawyer Blvd.
Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

(208) 724-0765

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Founded 2014

OPEN TO ANYONE TOUCHED BY ADDICTION (either personally or someone you know) which sadly is all of us today on our dear planet..🌎

We start in a circle on our mats sharing honestly in a 12 step informed discussion for the first 45 minutes. Then we move into a trauma informed gentle, slow moving, yoga practice designed to aid in anxiety, relapse prevention, mindfulness and give you an experience of grounding moving meditation.

(donation based with proceeds going to the Urban Outreach Project (UOP), which takes meetings into under resourced treatment centers and other treatment related facilities).

*You do NOT have to be in a 12 Step Group to attend this meeting/practice.

**The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have been adapted with the permission of A.A. World Services, Inc. (“A.A.W.S.”). Permission to adapt the Twelve Steps does not mean that A.A. is affiliated with this program. A.A. is a program of recovery from alcoholism only - use of A.A.’s Steps or an adapted version about programs and activities which are patterned after A.A., but which address other problems, or use in any other non-A.A. context, does not imply otherwise.