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Natural Awakenings Charleston SC

Mystic Moon & Sunflowers

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5221 Copley Circle
Summerville, SC 29485

(843) 718-8269

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Founded 2019

Nicole Anne is a Certified Teacher of Meditation, Energy Healer & Alchemist, Writer, Artist, Spiritual Teacher, SOUL Mentor & Coach. She possesses Spiritual & Psychic abilities to Channel & receive benevolent messages, insight and guidance to guide and assist others along their journey within this lifetime. She has studied Yoga, Integrated Energy Healing, Chakra & Crystal Therapy with the gift to prescribe Mantras & Mudras for clients to work with for Self-Healing, to CONNECT and TOUCH the depths of their SOUL. Nicole’s first priority is to continue upon her Spiritual Journey, through always working with her own internal energy – to grow and expand within her-Self, in addition to strengthening her connection and communication with her Spiritual Team, guides, Angels and Ascended Masters. Nicole’s knowledge and experience through her studies and Spiritual gifts is deep and over abundant, in order to be in alignment with her SOUL Purpose and Mission to TEACH, GUIDE and heal the SOUL’s of humanity to access growth and evolve into higher consciousness. Common Themes in Nicole’s work include: Goddesses, Angels, Mantra & Mudras, Meditation, Charging, Programming, Activating crystals to work with an individual’s personal energy and Chakras. Nicole also hosts a podcast “Love Letters for the MAGICAL SOUL” and blogs to Real Revolution Radio X.O. “The Intuitive Blog” with Wordpress. Both can be found under the “Real Revolution Radio” tab at her website Nicole has been studying for many years and is moving forward in teaching the Merkabah Meditation to guide and assist others in activating their Merkabah, along with holding events in her hometown, Charleston S.C. to chant mantras under the Full Moon on Folly Beach.

Channeled Readings Meditational Therapy Mantra & Mudra Prescription for Healing Ailments Designing Sacred Spaces in the Home or Business Creating of Herbs or Essential Oils for cleansing releasing and healing