2018 Astrological Forecast

Venus and Mars Are Alright Tonight!                                                                                        

by Alexander Mallon

Relationships and romance were hot topics in 2017. Venus and Mars

(love and sex) traveled in conjunction for almost the entire year, offering

a sexy and intensely passionate time. However, upsets with sudden endings—or the threat of endings

—were explosively common as well.

In the public forum, we saw many powerful men whose careers fell to the exposure of their

sexual misconduct, highlighting a social rise of the feminine. Symbolically coincident, it's astronomically important to note that when Venus and Mars travel as a pair, Venus is especially bright in the sky, while Mars is unusually dim. This is due to Venus being much closer to Earth, while Mars is much farther away from the Earth than usual at this time. Thus, the visual/astronomical experience of Venus dominating Mars has been a standout, and one could say “Venus came down to Earth.”

The 2018 new year opened with yet another Venus/Mars configuration. These two are now traveling in square to each other—a 90 degree separation—and the pair will be in square to one another for much of the year. To understand this, one can think of the energy between a wall and a ceiling—a 90 degree square angle—where there's an inner tension. Too much tension over time, without proper support, can cause walls—and relationships—to collapse. Additionally, Venus will be retrograde this coming fall next to Jupiter, highlighting a net effect of hyper-intense relationship lessons, helping to define what a “healthy relationship” is in our personal lives.

Also at this time, Uranus, planet of revolution, is finally moving into another sign after occupying the sign of Aries for the past eight years. Uranus is moving into Taurus, the sign of earth and field, so nature—or what is “natural”—is being highlighted. The Green Movement of recent years will grow exponentially stronger this year, and will powerfully challenge the status quo regarding our stewardship of Mother Earth.

Uranus will be opposite the Venus/Jupiter pairing mentioned above, indicating the potential for even greater relationship problems, with many couples feeling trapped or frustrated. Anyone who doesn’t recognize their own inner need to expand and grow regarding personal interdependence may find themselves or their partners exploding and suddenly doing an “about-face” against emotional demands.

Eclipses are events that meld solar and lunar energies, and therefore conscious and unconscious layers of self are asked to unify in our collective psyche. January and February, and July and August, hold two eclipse cycles each in the signs of Leo and Aquarius. These eclipses can be likened to “laser-like” quantum leaps of awareness, indicating powerful exchanges regarding our social conscience. Here, our political and personal stories, especially our concepts of “self” and “other,” are challenged to grow.

Leo symbolizes one's ego versus one’s Aquarian community consciousness. On February 15, there will be a partial solar eclipse of the sun in the sign of Aquarius, a powerful reactivation of last August’s solar eclipse! This solar eclipse happens to fall directly on the moon of the United States’ 1776 birth chart. We can expect intensifying public turmoil and distress around political lines of division. Here again, we are asked to review our egoism and reflect on the need to create a unified collective whole in our society.

Perhaps the most important cycle of 2018 is the move of Saturn into the sign of Capricorn, which presently contains the planet Pluto. It is important to understand that Saturn cycles coincide with material reality and challenges to personal growth. Saturn cycles occur every seven years, and coincide with both childhood and adult developmental milestones of growth and maturation. Pluto was discovered in 1931, at the time we discovered the element plutonium. Thus we now mix the Saturn cycle of maturation with plutonium, and we have a crucial time of maturing into our awareness of our personal and cultural power. This planetary pair falls directly upon the U.S. birth chart, and thus as a nation we are required to review our actual use of power in all forms—personal, environmental and political!

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