Meet Emilie Costikyan—

Entrepreneur, Integrative Wellness Coach,

Great Boss

​by Victoria Hargis

Tell the readers a little about yourself:                                                                                                                                      

A big part of being passionate about health and wellness is taking care of myself. I exercise regularly, I eat well, I prioritize sleep, and I play and laugh. I have practiced yoga for over 35 years and I have a deep meditation practice. As well as being still and quiet, I love to move my body, too, and I am pretty active. I enjoy hiking, biking, walking, HIIT, weight lifting, and especially dancing. I absolutely love to dance. 

My mother was a dancer, so she started me off with ballet and modern dance lessons when I was but a wee child. I've never stopped dancing.

My family is fantastic! I have two wondrous teenage boys who always make me laugh! I have a boyfriend and three furry friends. I also have a wonderful family of human friends, too! I am so blessed!


Every day I get to go to work! I love my “jobs”! I have my own businesses, and I just happen to be a great boss! One of my businesses is a fun and funky boutique in Mt. Pleasant.

The store is a wonderful, eclectic collection from the whimsical to the sublime! I also do custom picture framing. You can find upcycled and refinished decor and furniture. I carry local artisans’ products, art, photography, jewelry, greeting cards, jellies, handbags and more! I also love to find items that have been cast away and refinish or repurpose them and find them a new home. This is the most fun I've ever had for play ... I mean “work”! 

Other interests/passions: 

I am also passionate about wellness, health and nutrition. I recently got certified as an integrative wellness life coach. I find any excuse to talk about health and wellness with almost anyone who will listen! 

I recently discovered hemp cannabidiol oil. It has helped me with my own chronic health issues and improved the quality of my life so much. There is so much research on hemp oil. It is worthwhile taking a look at what it can do for you. It' is also a topic that I love to teach people about. 

What do you like most about Natural Awakenings?    

One of my favorite things about Natural Awakenings magazine is the interesting articles. Did I mention that I am passionate about health and wellness, LOL? There are always great articles in NA about holistic health and spirituality. I also love how our wonderful local community is highlighted in the articles, calendars and ads. It is such a great way to keep up to date with our fantastic spiritual and holistic community. It keeps you plugged in and allows you to take advantage of all the great resources Charleston has to offer!

How do people get in touch with you?

On the last Saturday of the month we have a complimentary party. We celebrate a local artisan, author, nonprofit or event with wine and hors d'oeuvres. It takes place at The Shoppes at Seaside Farms, 1965 Riviera Drive, Mt. Pleasant, from 4 to 7.

We are also now having a tarot card reader on the second Saturday of each month! Our talented and lovely tarot card reader, Nikki, offers a discount to our customers. Stop on by to see our unique collection and join in one of our fun events!

Victoria Hargis is an author; speaker; and post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and grief coach. Connect with her at SoileirCoaching.com.